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* nsf.c (NsfMethodPropertyCmd,NsfForwardPropertyCmd): Remove extra whitespace from error message.

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- changed interface of NsfDStringEval to control behavior via bitflags (this is after all more readable than a argument list of "0" and "1"s) - added optional recursion prevention for functions called via NsfDStringEval (handling NSF_EVAL_DEBUG, NSF_EVAL_LOG, NSF_EVAL_DEPRECATED) - added regression tests for potential recursive calls

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- add absolute path in returned proc defintion to regression test

- replace all remaning ObjectName and ClassName with variant with trailing "_" when appropriate - allow nsf::procs with zero arguments or plain arguments (when "-debug" is used - extended regression test - bump version number to 2.1

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- handling "deprecated" and "debug" properties for nsf::proc (in "nsf::cmd::info definition /proc/" and serializer)

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ListMethod(): Make sure that 'info method exists' returns 0 for (plain) NX objects; added some tests

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Silence varargs warning (-Wgnu-zero-variadic-macro-arguments) under clang --std=c99 -pedantic, tested under gcc, clang 3.6, and MSVC; added tests

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nx.tcl: pluralism reform part 2 - changed methods /cls/ info subclass -> /cls/ info subclasses /cls/ info superclass -> /cls/ info superclasses /cls/ mixin ... -> /cls/ mixins /cls/ filter ... -> /cls/ filters /cls/ object mixin ... -> /cls/ object mixins /cls/ object filter ... -> /cls/ object filters - changed configure parameters /cls/ configure -mixin -> /cls/ configure -mixins /cls/ configure -filter -> /cls/ configure -filters /obj/ configure -object-mixin -> /obj/ configure -object-mixins /obj/ configure -object-filter -> /obj/ configure -object-filters - added handling for calling relationslot with unknown sub method

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nsf.c: - relax the meaning of noleadingdash to allow negative numbers - rename noleadingdash to e.g. nodashalnum

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- update of TODO and regression test

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