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improve spelling

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- improved handling of object property autonamed

A call of "new" calls internally the "create" method. When the

"create" method is overloaded, we want to be able to check already

on this level, whether the object is autonamed or not. The previous

version has set the property at the end of the "new" method, which

was too late for ttrace.

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xotcl regression test: Added a more complex test for testing "new" + volatile

- improved error message "not allowed to have default": make clear, this is from a parameter specification - added object property "autonamed" (set automatically for objects created via "new") - xotcl2 volatile: improved backward compatibility with XOTcl 1 - extended regression test

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Fix typos

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nsf.c - force again literal "-guard" in a "mixinreg" type to avoid potential confusions - Base nsfRelationSet for mixins on cmds rather than TclObjs to avoid confusions and duplication of guard detection logic - Add interp to NsfMixinregGet() and NsfFilterregGet() to be able to return error messages - return more error message from mixinreg converter - provide at least minimal support for "funny class names" (i.e. containing spaces) - FinalObjectDeletion: don't enforce namespace = 1 for cases with wierd namespace deletion order - extended regression test

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nsf.c: - change name of enumeratorConverterEntry to Nsf_EnumeratorConverterEntry, move it with NSF_ARG_* flags to tcl.h to make it available in derived modules using the converter - Added editor hints for a more uniform appearance

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nx::test: - change test cases to newer interface - don't use "namespace import nx::*" in test cases when not required

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Extend handling of dashses in XOTcl's configure method to perform a more eager search for command begins (same change as in XOTcl 1)

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- make sure to use "XOTcl 2.0" instead of just XOTcl in "package req" to avoid confusions due to beta state - remove more obsolete and untested files

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tests: - added "package prefer latest" to avoid confusions of alpha and beta releases with install versions

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- nx.tcl: added "info parameter slot" to return slotobject(s) - added "info parameter slot" to migration guide - extended regression test

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- nsf.c: require NSF_IS_SLOT_CONTAINER for slot-container

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- test.tcl: * don't export Test per-default * define Test as nx::Test * make Test parameter count 1 the default, change to higher numbers where needed

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- introduced a few forms of multiplicty * 0..1 allow empty value * 0..* list, can be empty (equivalent to 0..n) * 1..* list, cannot be empty (equivalent to 1..n) - deprecate multivalued in parameter specs in favor of multiplicty - deprecate allowempty in parameter specs in favor of multiplicty - adjust regression test

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- make "... info children ?pattern?" compliant with XOTcl 1; if pattern contains no wildcard and is no absolute path, nsf completes it. (eg. Object create o; Object create o:x; o info children x" will return ::o::x) - extended regression test

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- simplification and unification of unknown handling and method finalization - some cleanup

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- use prefix sub= for methods invoked on "object as method" - change further instances of "my connection" to "[self]::connection" in xo*comm*

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- made the "next scripting laguage" a own, loadable tcl package (currently named nx, name is subject of change) - predefined.tcl is now pretty minimal.

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- moved some more xotcl specfic tests to library/xotcl - transformed forwardtest from xotcl to next

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