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improve spelling

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improve spelling

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Improve spelling

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- keep packages versions from 2.0 and 1.0 disjoint

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Property Reform Part 2: better handling of per-object properties nsf.c: - changed "/class/ __objectconfigure" to "/obj/ __objectconfigure" to be able to handle per-object properties on classes properly. - renamed "info method parametersyntax" -> "info method syntax" - renamed "/obj|cls/ info method parametersyntax" into "/obj|cls/ info method syntax" - replaced "::nsf::methods::class::info::objectparameter" by "::nsf::methods::object::info::objectparameter" - new command "::nsf::parameter::specs ?-configure? ?-noposargs? slotobjs": convert provided slotobjs into a list of parameter specs - new command "::nsf::parameter::get list|name|syntax parameterspec": convert parameter spec into syntax form, or retrieve pieces of information from it (can be extended in the future) - added more or less generic list handling functions TclObjListFreeList(), TclObjListNewElement() and TclObjListAdd() used by "::nsf::parameter::specs" - replaced "::nsf::method::property /obj/ -per-object /name/ slotcontainer ?value?" by "::nsf::object::property /obj/ slotcontainer ?value?" - added "::nsf::object::property /obj/ hasperobjectslots ?value?"


- new info methods

* "/obj/ info lookup parameter definitions"

* "/obj/ info lookup parameter names"

* "/obj/ info lookup parameter list"

* "/obj/ info lookup parameter syntax"

- changed "/cls/ info parameter definition ?name?"

into "/cls/ info parameter definitions ?name?"

since ir returns a list. Still, "list" or "syntax" won't

be plural

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- make sure to use "XOTcl 2.0" instead of just XOTcl in "package req" to avoid confusions due to beta state - remove more obsolete and untested files

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- make metadata analyzer more silent

- make sure to load the local version of the old XOTcl documentation toolkit

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- created own directory structure xotcl under library containing doc, tests, apps, lib etc. and moved obvious content here. - adjusted regression test and old documentation system to work with new structure

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