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improve spelling

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improve grammar and spelling

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protect legacy HTTPd against XSS on error messages

make sure, the restted path ends with a slash

security fix: avoid directory traversal attack in old XOTcl HTTP class

Fix typos

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build-process: - replace make.tcl by the much simpler mkIndex.tcl: * Does not use pkg_mkIndex * Does not load binary files (problem for cross compiling) * Requires package provide with constant in one line.

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- keep packages versions from 2.0 and 1.0 disjoint

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xotcl2.tcl: - made destructor of Connection more robust such it does not depend on accessor methods.

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- xotcl/library/comm/Httpd.xotcl: force dates in GMT as HTTP RFCs require

- make sure to use "XOTcl 2.0" instead of just XOTcl in "package req" to avoid confusions due to beta state - remove more obsolete and untested files

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- use prefix sub= for methods invoked on "object as method" - change further instances of "my connection" to "[self]::connection" in xo*comm*

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- implemented experimental delegating version of "object as method" that keeps the original self.

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- created own directory structure xotcl under library containing doc, tests, apps, lib etc. and moved obvious content here. - adjusted regression test and old documentation system to work with new structure

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