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- updated copyright dates - added announce file for xotcl-1-6-8 - fixed typos in Changelog

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- make version management simpler and freeze XOTcl 1.* versions In order to avoid bad interactions between XOTcl 1.0 and XOTcl 2.0 the version dependency in 1.0 where changed to "package require -exact ... 1.0" where possible, and the provides where upgraded to 1.0 in most cases

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- make sure that packages from XOTcl 1 require XOTcl 1

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- Httpd: force GMT dates as required by RFC

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- fixed 2 more version numbers for xotcl 1.6.7

* xotcl.c: some c-cleanup * library files: require exact version numbers to avoid conflicts with XOTcl 2.0

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- created own directory structure xotcl under library containing doc, tests, apps, lib etc. and moved obvious content here. - adjusted regression test and old documentation system to work with new structure

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- namespace changes: mostly due to marketing reasons, the naming of the top-level namespace changed from "xotcl2" to "next". reasons: xotcl is hard to pronounce for beginners, sounds like "exotic" (but who wants to program in an exotic language) has a certain stigma of strange namings (e.g. "instproc"), is seen as a precursor of tcloo, the top-level namespace ::xotcl2:: is not very nice either, the separation of framework and language is not clear.

We have now:

::next (the new object system, former ::xotcl2)

::next::core (framework, primitives)

::xotcl (former xotcl1)

- "::xotcl::use" no longer needed, use Tcl standard mechanisms instead

(e.g. "package req next"; "package req XOTcl", "namespace import ::next*")

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- fix for logdir parameter (introduced 10 mins ago)

- renaming of instance variable specific primitiva for more constistency with ::xotcl::importvar:

::xotcl::exists -> ::xotcl::existsvar

::xotcl::setinstvar -> ::xotcl::setvar

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- XOTclCallStackFindLastInvocation(): return last scripted invocation - use xotcl1 in webserver test to make rull regression test working - make xotcl::use silent

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merge with 1.6.3 (HEAD)

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updating dates in copyrights

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importing experimental xotcl version

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restructured directory to remove superfluous directory xotcl

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