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muniro formatting changes

* nsf.c (NsfDebugShowObj): For consistency, stick with %x using PRIxPTR

*nsf.c (NsfDebugShowObj): Simplify from using %x to %p, to avoid PTR2UINT (which, starting with 8.7, will return u long, not u int)

Change http:// occurrences to https://, if applicable (URLs tested)

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Rewrite URLs containing tcl.tk as authority to tcl-lang.org

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move new assertion to the right place

ease human tracing of uninitialized/NULL values

* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod, NsfOUpvarMethod): Silence compiler warnings on nonnull/NULL compares.

* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod, NsfOUpvarMethod, NsfCallstackFindCallingContext): Reform of uplevel and upvar methods, based on the recent feedback by Zoran. First, uplevel and upvar methods, as well as [current callinglevel] now behave consistently (re frame skipping for mixin and filter transparency). If there is no innermost enclosing proc frame, the innermost non-proc (e.g., namespace) frame is selected (rather than a "#0" as default). Second, argument handling for both uplevel (i.e., level sniffing in multi-arg case) and upvar (e.g., made silent TCL_ERROR for invalid argument arities explicit) have been fixed. * Object.man, methods.test: Added documentation for both methods (Object.man) and tests.

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reduce dead assignments improve indentation of variables

avoid variable name "index" in generated code since "index" shadows an outer function

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handle ticket #3 on sourceforge: explicit "next" call in ensemble leads to unwanted "unknown" handler call

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since we know length, we can replace strcmp by memcmp

improve type cleanness

added an additional variant of ALLOC_ON_STACK

The new version does not use alloca(), it does not use VLA

and it does not boat the stack in case huge vectors are to be processed.

It uses a plain array up to a certain size and switches to malloc()

above this size.

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align behavior of "current activelevel" with "... callinglevel" in case no NSF frame is found

fix typos and make spelling more uniform

conservative fix for "current callinglevel"; probably more to come

minor cleanup: factor out common strings

improve spelling and formatting

- improved handling of object property autonamed

A call of "new" calls internally the "create" method. When the

"create" method is overloaded, we want to be able to check already

on this level, whether the object is autonamed or not. The previous

version has set the property at the end of the "new" method, which

was too late for ttrace.

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object property volatile: provide support for tuning volatile on/off via object property.

improve spelling

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make code assumptions clear by adding asserts.

This was triggered by a report of Ashok running into a

crash during startup on windows (Visual Studio 2017)

- improved error message "not allowed to have default": make clear, this is from a parameter specification - added object property "autonamed" (set automatically for objects created via "new") - xotcl2 volatile: improved backward compatibility with XOTcl 1 - extended regression test

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- added new variant of "volatile" trying to mimick the XOTcl1 volatile behavior. - added experimental feature NSF_WITH_TCL_OBJ_TYPES_AS_CONVERTER, which uses registered TclObjTypes as value checkers (currently deactivated)

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use "nonnull_assert" only in combination with "nonnull" declaration

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

* nsf.c (NsfProcStub): Re-order logic, so that the availability of a shadow proc cmd is tested first (re-fetch) and the parameter passing comes second, conditional on an available dispatch target.

nsf.c (NsfStubProc): Improve comment formatting