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removed null test after dereferences, avoid potentail null dereferences in error cases

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removed null test after dereferences

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improve code safety and remove dead statement

get rid of warning of static checker, reduce number of returns before end of function

minor code cleanup

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add asserts

fix memory leak on "hyper-volatile" objects. it seems, we have to set the _is_autonamed flag in advance of obj initialization

addressing coverty defect 337829 (dereference before null check)

make spelling more consitent

Provide a more conservative change for setting autonamed flag

* nsf.c (NsfCCreateMethod): Fix access of potentially freed object to set the autonamed property (indicated by valdgrind). When destroyed and cleaned during DoObjInitialization, "newObject" will remain as a dangling pointer. Besides, setting the property before DoObjInitialization will make the object property available from within the initcmd or init method.

* nsf.c (NsfProcStubDeleteProc): Plug leakage of command structure (found by valgrind)

muniro formatting changes

* nsf.c (NsfDebugShowObj): For consistency, stick with %x using PRIxPTR

*nsf.c (NsfDebugShowObj): Simplify from using %x to %p, to avoid PTR2UINT (which, starting with 8.7, will return u long, not u int)

Change http:// occurrences to https://, if applicable (URLs tested)

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Rewrite URLs containing tcl.tk as authority to tcl-lang.org

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move new assertion to the right place

ease human tracing of uninitialized/NULL values

* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod, NsfOUpvarMethod): Silence compiler warnings on nonnull/NULL compares.

* nsf.c (NsfOUplevelMethod, NsfOUpvarMethod, NsfCallstackFindCallingContext): Reform of uplevel and upvar methods, based on the recent feedback by Zoran. First, uplevel and upvar methods, as well as [current callinglevel] now behave consistently (re frame skipping for mixin and filter transparency). If there is no innermost enclosing proc frame, the innermost non-proc (e.g., namespace) frame is selected (rather than a "#0" as default). Second, argument handling for both uplevel (i.e., level sniffing in multi-arg case) and upvar (e.g., made silent TCL_ERROR for invalid argument arities explicit) have been fixed. * Object.man, methods.test: Added documentation for both methods (Object.man) and tests.

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reduce dead assignments improve indentation of variables

avoid variable name "index" in generated code since "index" shadows an outer function

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handle ticket #3 on sourceforge: explicit "next" call in ensemble leads to unwanted "unknown" handler call

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since we know length, we can replace strcmp by memcmp

improve type cleanness

added an additional variant of ALLOC_ON_STACK

The new version does not use alloca(), it does not use VLA

and it does not boat the stack in case huge vectors are to be processed.

It uses a plain array up to a certain size and switches to malloc()

above this size.

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align behavior of "current activelevel" with "... callinglevel" in case no NSF frame is found

fix typos and make spelling more uniform

conservative fix for "current callinglevel"; probably more to come