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make code assumptions clear by adding asserts.

This was triggered by a report of Ashok running into a

crash during startup on windows (Visual Studio 2017)

Adjust regression test to more specific error message

- improved error message "not allowed to have default": make clear, this is from a parameter specification - added object property "autonamed" (set automatically for objects created via "new") - xotcl2 volatile: improved backward compatibility with XOTcl 1 - extended regression test

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- added new variant of "volatile" trying to mimick the XOTcl1 volatile behavior. - added experimental feature NSF_WITH_TCL_OBJ_TYPES_AS_CONVERTER, which uses registered TclObjTypes as value checkers (currently deactivated)

whitespace change

protect legacy HTTPd against XSS on error messages

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base package nx::zip on Tcl 8.6 builtins instead of relying on the Trf package

use "nonnull_assert" only in combination with "nonnull" declaration

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

* .travis.yml, appveyor.yml: Update build array to 8.6.9

* nsf-cmd.test: Make new tests 8.5-savy

* nsf.c (NsfProcStub): Re-order logic, so that the availability of a shadow proc cmd is tested first (re-fetch) and the parameter passing comes second, conditional on an available dispatch target.

* nsf-cmd.test: Add test rename (target) conflicts for the shadowed procs; improve test formatting

nsf.c (NsfStubProc): Improve comment formatting

* nsf-cmd.test: Modernize tests to work on error codes.

* nsf.c, nsf-cmd.test: Fixed nsf::procs for (unintended) deletes of the shadowed proc, plus test cases.

* nsf.c, nsfShadow.c (NsfProcStubDeleteProc, Nsf_RenameObjCmd): Provide for coupled renaming of the nsf::proc pairs; and coupled deletion.

* nsf.c (NsfProcStub, InvokeShadowedProc): Provide for re-fetching (e.g., deleted) ::nsf::procs::* commands, to allow for renamed nsf::procs to run. * nsf-cmd.test: Added test to cover re-fetch

* nsf.c, nsfInt.h (NsfProcStub, NsfProcClientData): Apply namespace reform to nsf::procs, to prevent proc redefinition after a proc rename to fail. * nsf-cmd.test: Add test case to document/ to cover failing rename + redefine.

improve code documentation

remove unneeded assignment

reduce dead assignments and variable scopes

make sure, the restted path ends with a slash

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security fix: avoid directory traversal attack in old XOTcl HTTP class

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regenerated configure script

improve handling of HAVE_INTTYPES_H under windows

make sure, macros HAVE_INTPTR_T and HAVE_UINTPTR_T are set (should probably upgrade to newer TEA version)

fix typo

guard definition of PRIxPTR by HAVE_INTTYPES_H and not by HAVE_STDINT_H

improve type cleanness