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- improved handling of object property autonamed

A call of "new" calls internally the "create" method. When the

"create" method is overloaded, we want to be able to check already

on this level, whether the object is autonamed or not. The previous

version has set the property at the end of the "new" method, which

was too late for ttrace.

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xotcl1 compatibility: preserve overwritte slot accessor methods via instprocs

many thanks to Zoran for indicating this

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* win/makefile.vc: COMDAT folding can lead to unusable, pointless function-pointer comparisons (Nsf_ConvertToSwitch vs. Nsf_ConvertToBoolean). Reported for /opt:icf under Visual Studio 2017 under x86. Kudos to Ashok P. Nadkarni.

object property volatile: provide support for tuning volatile on/off via object property.

improve spelling

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improve spelling

improve spelling

improve spelling

windows: make sure, the install directory exists before copying data to it

many thanks to Marc Gutman, who provided the patch

momgoDB interface: add option "-asJSON" to "find all" to ease interaction e.g. with single page applications.

improve spelling

xotcl regression test: Added a more complex test for testing "new" + volatile

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add minimal regression test for object property "autonamed"

make code assumptions clear by adding asserts.

This was triggered by a report of Ashok running into a

crash during startup on windows (Visual Studio 2017)

Adjust regression test to more specific error message

- improved error message "not allowed to have default": make clear, this is from a parameter specification - added object property "autonamed" (set automatically for objects created via "new") - xotcl2 volatile: improved backward compatibility with XOTcl 1 - extended regression test

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- added new variant of "volatile" trying to mimick the XOTcl1 volatile behavior. - added experimental feature NSF_WITH_TCL_OBJ_TYPES_AS_CONVERTER, which uses registered TclObjTypes as value checkers (currently deactivated)

whitespace change

protect legacy HTTPd against XSS on error messages

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base package nx::zip on Tcl 8.6 builtins instead of relying on the Trf package

use "nonnull_assert" only in combination with "nonnull" declaration

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://alice.wu-wien.ac.at/usr/local/src/git-repo/nsf

* .travis.yml, appveyor.yml: Update build array to 8.6.9

* nsf-cmd.test: Make new tests 8.5-savy

* nsf.c (NsfProcStub): Re-order logic, so that the availability of a shadow proc cmd is tested first (re-fetch) and the parameter passing comes second, conditional on an available dispatch target.

* nsf-cmd.test: Add test rename (target) conflicts for the shadowed procs; improve test formatting

nsf.c (NsfStubProc): Improve comment formatting

* nsf-cmd.test: Modernize tests to work on error codes.

* nsf.c, nsf-cmd.test: Fixed nsf::procs for (unintended) deletes of the shadowed proc, plus test cases.

* nsf.c, nsfShadow.c (NsfProcStubDeleteProc, Nsf_RenameObjCmd): Provide for coupled renaming of the nsf::proc pairs; and coupled deletion.