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shorten date info in title, since it is redundant

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allow minimal number of selected alternatives of 1 (does not always make sense, but it is useful for text exercises)

whitespace cleanup

Improved display for print-answers:

- added link from exam protocol to single (more detailed) view

- display in exam protocol answer times up to the live-revision

(and not over all elements)

www-make-live-revision: add support for "local_return_url" (when "return_url" is not specified)

Improved display and interaction with print-answers:

- added explicit display of displayed revision and submitted revision

- added option to change live revision

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Improved display of print-answers:

- added information about current page of student

- improved display of submission state

- made message key capitalization more consistent

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Improved display of print-answers:

- provided API function "runtime_panel" for answer_manager

- added revision handling of submitted exams

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add duration, handle cases, where the exam was not submitted

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deal with overagressive downstream styles

autocorrection: support *lower* float for correct_when=in

Add support for Answer_manager.result_table to return either abjects in "done" state (as before) or all objects

VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

return full result in reporting modes

avoid potential exceptions for empty submissions

avoid potential tilde substitution (many thanks to Markus Moser)

stick to varnames used on many other places for the same information

improve styling

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Improve display of print-answers:

- provide API functions "get_duration" and "get_IPs" for ans

- added info box "runtime-data" in inclass-exam.wf about changed submissions

(number of revisions, duration, all IP addresses of the submission)

- added message keys for "nr_changes" and "duration"

- updated CSS to handle "runtime-data"

- bump version number to 5.10.0d16

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New API method WorkflowPage.get_revision_sets

Collect information about the revisions of the current workflow

instance as a list of ns_sets.

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reduce verbosity

add new API command for the connection context (e.g. xo:cc): eval_as_user {-user_id:integer cmd}

add "source_dependent" in case, some package extend e.g. the test_item class

perform per-user rendering for the exam protocol.

A more general solution will follow soon.

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Redefine faq questions and answers as text, the same as downstream, then redefine all database function api so that argument types are taken from table definition

file upgrade-5.10.0d7-5.10.0d8.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

call table data formatter, when avaliable

provide pretty-print methods for tabular data views

Handle the case when one is trying to access a non-existing room

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Improve last change and document it properly.

Set outdated HTML attributes as depreacted.

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- make repeatable formfields better configurable (provde max number for repeated elements via parameter)

- improve robustness, when a form field does not provide a "correction" instance variable after "make_correct"

- imporve documentation

Remove href from the variables we inspect the item for in a file link:

this variable is most likely set, therefore embed_options will be non-empty and most links downstream will be rendered via <embed>

instead than a plain link.

Furthermore, it does appear as non standard according to e.g. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/embed and would probably conflict with the src attribute, which is always set.