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use standard permissions and permissions api; more tweaking

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set richtext element values using template::util::richtext::create thanks to daveb

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changed caching of item data and display type data

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bugfix: get random_p for edit

Add oracle support to assessment portlet

Made sure you can see a list of users who answered an anonymous assessment and when. It is not possible to see what they answered though.

Performance increase for the display of the administration page due to clever caching. Has the additional benefit that we will memoize the items display upon creation and not only for the first user

Fixed content::folder

Added function to return the content_folder_id for a package

Added function (cached) to return table_name of an object

Added function (cached) to return table_name of an object

Added a (cached) function to retrieve the content::folder_id from a package_id

Cached the package_object_attribute_list indefinitely as this is a serious performance degrader if you use the CR TCL functions. Furthermore, attributes should not be changed without a restart if I'm not mistaken, therefore util_memoizing indefinitely seems to be a valid way of doing this. Kudos to Timo.

fixing if condiftion for cutting off the item list of a section

Fix case when a one character term is in the middle of two other terms. Add test case.

remove users tab plus some small cleanup

use listbuilder plus some misc cleanup


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Significant refactor. Moved the tcl code out of the .adp file and added dynamic expand collapse if the browser supports javascript. Works on non-js browsers too. The tree building still isn't as clean as I'd like, this probably requires a recursive function to do cleanly, but it works and is IMHO a vast improvement over the previous version.

Retrieve and include header stuff from global variable dotlrn_master__header_stuff. This is helpful for portlets that use javascript, e.g. dotlrn-main-portlet, and gives us a way to do it without having to ship the javascript on every page.

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Adding dhtml tree code.

export HTML correctly

better use ad_html_text_convert


Fix: Import QTI text following the texttype attribute.

If texttype is text/plain we convert to HTML and if texttype is text/html

we get it raw.

This way all the text fields in the database are always HTML

Bugfix for pagination

Added procs for querying callbacks.

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Fixed supertype accessor.