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Add a new subsite::parameter_changed implementation for xowiki, reacting to the switching of the use_hstore parameter

This way it won't be necessary for other packages to generate the hstore manually using private api

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improve warning message

avoid array notation for per_thread caches to ease flushing

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address issue #3460

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follow naming convention as used in other places as well

start key with the package name, use array notation

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make end of resub options explicit

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cache failed name lookups in a per-request cache (flushing maybe overly conservative)

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improve spelling

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Add missing parameter in doc

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Use common interface for object reference in bulk actions

- use same interface in child-resources and form-usages (when bulk-actions are used)

- move "get_ids_for_bulk_actions" from page to package (to make in usable in www/admin)

- use consistently "get_ids_for_bulk_actions" (also in www/admin/*.tcl)

- provide backward compatibility (still support "name" and "-parent_id")

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prefer SQL max() function over sort and limit 1

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make "instantiate_forms" a method of packages

this reads better than the previous variant based on the Weblog class.

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Use full URL paths for bulk actions.

This change allows one to mark items from multiple child-resources

displayed on one page and add these to the clipboard. Use the same

logic for bluk-delete and bulk adding to the clipboard.

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Make :folder_id available as a package instance variable immediately, in a way that if the folder instantiation needs e.g. to fetch a parameter, the folder_id will be there to determine the right parameter page, which otherwise would be looked up e.g. in the site-wide pages and cached with wrong values for the cache lifetime

Make ::xowiki::Package default_locale react to changes in the connection locale by caching only when the parameter use_connection_locale is not set, use ::xowiki::Package default_locale result instead of always the connection locale to determine nls_language for new Pages and FormPages, so that default language for a particular xowiki instance is decided by use_connection_locale parameter

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move "unify_forms" to xotcl-core, rename it to "form_unify", added "form_usages"

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improve spelling

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handle toplevel and other forms as well

added support call for unifying forms

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introduced "ad_file" as a means to avoid unexpected tilde substitution in file names

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perform lookup for site-wide-pages along the inheritance path of the package class

- textarea: added attribute "autosave"

- set autosave attributes in text_fields, when "multiple_lines" was specified.

- remove for the time being "hkey" from "non_cached_instance_var_patterns",

since this was recently fixed (TODO: check regression test and reactivate it later)

- new Externally callable method: autosave-attribute:

this is a simplified version of "save-attributes", but which does

NOT perform input validation, which might be a problem in case of partial input

- add "autosave-attribute" to all policies, where "save-attributes" was set

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add documentation

allow list on folder in all default policies

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fix variable name in log message

prefer variable resolver over method call

+CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

search for site-wide pages along package hierarchy

move "get_nls_language_from_lang" to metaclass to make it usable from packages different to xowiki as well

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- move list of site_wide pages to meta-class,

such that every derived class might have different ones.

- bump version number to 5.10.0d25


- provide explicit site_wide pages

- bump version number to 5.10.0d49

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allow protpype pages to be inserted into folders