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fix typo

Improve handling of cases, where the exam was closed, but some exam-takers have not submitted their results.

Essentially this change avoids an error message and repeated messages, which might

come form autosaving or other ajax calls.

enable question-form resolving again.

improve comment

Undo change from 15 Dec, since it breaks shuffling

Improved handling of link and child resources of forms

- test-item-procs: use resolve context to resolve e.g. images in the context of the original form

(many thanks to Thomas Renner for the suggestion)

- added extra argument "-context_obj" to substitute_markup to ease client code

- reduced the db interactions by using form_info for form generation

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added example-usage of set_css_property -querySelector

Added points in addition to minutes to test items and inclass-exam workflows

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- integration of inclass-exam with personal notifications

- new (comnposite) includelet "exam-top-includelet"

- new www-calls for workflows:


. send-participant-message


. message-poll

. message-dismiss

- bumped version number to 5.10.0d23

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add ability to use x out of y questions (when order randomization is used)

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optionally disallow cut&paste in multi-line form fields

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disallow auto-save when exam is closed

handle dfferent time setting between server and client (browser)

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- base percentage on results on total points,

- add confirm dialog on submit exam

- show audio on more browsers properly

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remove header in answer workflow, when parent workflow has proctoring enables

added a state for exam review for students

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add seeds for per-item randomization

provide randomized seeds

changes for inclass-exam:

- open test run in a different frame

- use tailored proctoring code, when available

- improve screen after final exam submission

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new features for inclass exam workflow:

- additional flag "synchronized", can be specified on "create exam" page

- provide info about exam publication time and duration since publication

time to the details view of the exam protocol

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added skeleton for proctoring support

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do not show count-down timer always

Added count-down timer for

- new API call Question_manager.exam_target_time

- new includelet "countdown-timer" (based on answer_manager.countdown_timer)

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whitespace cleanup

return full result in reporting modes

reduce verbosity

omit question title in inclass-exam

- new assessment workflow for in-class exam



- Defined common superclass for Assessments (AssessmentInterface) to

provide common infrastucture (assertion methods), and define other

interface classes as subclasses (Renaming_form_loader,

Answer_manager, Question_manager).

- extended message keys

- new prototype pages:












- Defined to following pages as site-wide:

Package site_wide_pages {










- Ensure availability of site-wide pages at startup

of server.

- bumped version number to 5.10.0d15

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file was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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