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Fix typos

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Fix typos (info exist -> info exists)

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add required ad_script_abort after ad_returnredirect

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make sure unique section names do not exceed 100 characers

add a check before we unset assessment_id, there might be no assessment id's to unset

Support for allowing automatic approval of course registrations, i.e. users will not go to the waiting list if there is a course assessment, however, the other waiting lists are still checked

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add link to create new assessment

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Fix permissions for application assessments

commit email templates, modifications to applications and waiting list

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Parameterized course application assessments

Adding code for additional editable email templates.

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I18n fixes

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Enable associating an assessment to course to be used on section checkout

various update, bug fixes and changes to dotlrn-ecommerce, attendance, expenses and expense-tracking

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commit most recent changes from ecwork to cvs head, dotlrn-ecommerce added patron support, fix UI, added mos link to mos ticket tracker, bug fixes, new page flow for participants and patrons, category widget bugfix, bug fixes for expenses and expense tracking, create custom ecommerce pages for transactions done by admin for participant/patron, add anon-eval package, ae-portlet package and dotlrn-ae package to repository

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commit dotlrn-ecommerce, extension of ecommerce package to dotlrn

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