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Get rid of outer join forcing sequential scan on cr-items!

Dynamic selection of list style

Remove duplicate login page. Use the one is acs-subsite.

Link course name to one-course page.

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Add popup calendar

Allow hiding filters

Allow getting data for just one course

Collect start and end date

Improve filters

Allow section code to be 200 characters

Fix default email from statement

Initialize pos variable.

Hide instructors in filter that's not in any of the displayed courses

Show category filters based on show_hidden flag

Fix for incomplete registrations

Replaced dotlrn::user_add calls with a proc that gets param settings for user type, can browse, guest/non-guest

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Fix for show hidden courses

Changed Hide/Show filter to just Show which can be cleared

Added noquote

Create ecommerce product directory on section create

Added noquote on prices

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Use ec_pretty_price

Bugfix on currency create

Replaced "Purchase for Individual" and "Purchase for Group" with just "Purchase" coz the the admin needs to select a purchase first

Use vuh file to access facilitator bios

Added ability for users to cancel application

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Skip permission check for public pages.

Display price information option based on parameter

Display price information option based on parameter

CHeck show_price_p on display. Set show_price_p on existing sections.

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