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Chat reform:

- use consistently package_id to model belonging of a chat object to a particular package instead of the context_id

- set context_id to the package_id, as was already the case in practice, for permission checking

- make sure package_id exists and set it to the context_id in case it doesn't to handle legacy installations

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Fix typo

Align XoWiki UI naming to that currently in xowiki.pretty_name

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admin_p and user_p are actually never displayed, so it doesn't make sense to have them in the select clause. What makes sense is that we filter for those chats we can actually access

base_url is in fact just the package_url from the connection

base_url can be computed just once

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase and make the query less awkward

Don't overquote URL

Provide a localized help-text for the xowiki-includelet feature (thanks to Günter Ernst for the german translation)

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Validation on 'get_instance_from_db' only

Move validation block into page contract

Fix typo

Replace old procedural api with OO idioms and deprecate it

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Chat Reform: reduce complexity by removing the 'chat_avatar_allow' privilege, 'chat_room_edit' should suffice.

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Chat Redesign: enable/disable avatar pictures by room, using the new attribute 'avatar_p', instead of by package instance, using the 'ShowAvatar' parameter.

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Bring files on oacs-5-10 in sync with HEAD

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Whitespace changes + Added editor hints

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Chat Redesign:

+ Add specific container for the chat includelet (xowiki-chat-includelet).

+ Set a sensible default for the 'xowiki-chat-includelet' size.

+ Move the 'my-user-id' hidden element in the chat adp to the chat procs.

+ Rename 'my-user-id' element to 'xowiki-my-user-id'.

+ Get the ChatSkin parameter inside the login proc.

+ Include the skin parameter in the chat includelet.

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Chat Redesign:

+ Skin support.

+ New 'ChatSkin' instance parameter, with currently two possible values: 'classic' and 'bubbles'.

+ Skins are located in the new packages/xowiki/www/resources/chat-skins/ directory.

+ New 'bubbles' skin, default for the chat package.

+ Old skin renamed to 'classic', default for the xowiki includelet.

+ New skins can be created by just adding the css and js files in the skins directory, and naming them accordingly. For example, being '$skin' the name of the new skin, the files should be named chat-$skin-common.js and chat-$skin.css.

+ New '-skin' parameter to the Chat login proc, containing the name of the skin (i.e. 'classic' or 'bubbles').

+ Bump version number.

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Use ad_include_contract and revise current usages (e.g. write_p was not used anywhere)

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Give a UI for chat admins to retrieve and copy xowiki includelet code to embed a chat in xowiki pages

Converge styling of chat in a single css file for both xowiki and chat packages

This might fork in the future, but there is no need atm

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Chat reform:

- reduce code duplication by determining the proper chat class dynamically and storing it in an nsv

- move static content in the resources path. Serving them is now independent from the mounted xowiki path

- get rid of the ajax url path

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Chat Redesign: simplify style of 'Full Screen' icon

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Chat Redesign: simplify send icon svg and styles associated

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Chat Redesign: add send button + svg icon

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Chat Redesign: make 'Full screen' images color filling easy to change in css

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Give xowiki chat also some kind of nice skin and centralize css retrieval

TODO: something smarter can be done in order to retrieve the proper css, based e.g. on theme, chat skin (to be implemented) etc. To be discussed is some way to resolve resources based on the theme.

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New chat_room includelet, behaving as the existing chat one, but plugged with extra chat package's feature (transcript management...)

To avoid package_id to be overridden, we force it always to the one of the current chat

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whitespace changes