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Proc "util_get_subset_missing": make sure to return the found elements.

Added test case for this proc.

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Make test locale-aware

- fix caching bug, when urls are retrieved via object_ids, and packages are unmounted

- make code more robust

- extend regression tests

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whitespace cleanup

fix name of tested procs

correct the name of the tested proc

Create a full subsite instead of just a node, or the context bar will ignore it, then consider localization in the test

Consider localization when testing the context bar

improving ad_html_to_text:

- handle src specs with "data:" (skip data)

- handle anchors with empty hrefs and internal links by not adding these to the text rendering

- add test cases to regression test

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extend regression test

Provide tests for public procs: min and max

Provide tests for public procs: util_escape_quotes_for_csv

Provide tests for public procs: util_commify_number

Refactor test case for util_absolute_path_p

Provide tests for public procs: util_complete_url_p

Provide tests for public procs: util_absolute_path_p

Provide tests for public procs: util::trim_leading_zeros

Whitespace changes

Mention explicitly the tested procs in the test cases.

note, that change_state_member tests checks implicitly as well membership_rel::change_state

set error-level to warning for documentation__check_proc_testcase (similar to datamodel__named_constraints)

Add 'documentation__check_proc_testcase' test, for checking public procs without test cases. Many thanks to Monika Andergassen.

fix for redirect-to-secure, when SuppressHttpPort is set

This changes as well:

- improve symmetry security::get_insecure_location and security::get_secure_location

- add regression test to cover basic cases

- bumb version number of acs-tcl to 5.10.0d19

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improve source code documentation of ad_html_qualify_links and add test cases

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prefer acs:test functions over twt

prefer acs::test::user::create over twt variant

improve spelling

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Check also for empty lines at the end of the file in the 'files__trailing_whitespace' test case

Allow square brackets in proc doc. In particular, this fixed a false positive with [doc_string] in 'ad_proc'

Improve 'args' check in 'documentation__check_parameters' test case by using the built-in 'varargs_p' variable.