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adding the show_groups_p flag that allows you to include the basic user info edit form without the groups listing

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Made the default to allow self_registration as this was the previous behaviour. It is always a bad idea to change the behaviour for existing sites. Still wondering why the parameter does not show up on my installation though ...

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Applying the groups your member of patch by Branimir from head: cvs update -j1.4 -j1.5 packages/acs-subsite/lib/user-info.adp cvs update -j1.11 -j1.12 packages/acs-subsite/lib/user-info.tcl

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Showing the user in which groups he is a member. This feature is not

very useful considering that we are just showing a passive list of


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Gave some Tcl files the I18N treatment. Removed duplicate key. Cleanup.

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Allow site-wide admin to edit authority, username

Cleaning indentation

- Improved needs approval messages

- Adding screen_name to auth::create_account in user-new

- Improved closed account messages

- Fixed permissions issue on user/basic-info-update

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Support for message on user-info/password-update pages

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Rewrite cookie handling

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Fixed bug with username and local accounts when logging in with email

Updating basic info: validation, only edit fields that are not controlled by batch sync, focus

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Only edit user info not controlled by the authority

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- Code reviewed authority UI

- UseEmailForLoginP

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Pulled user-info out into a separate template, and uses that on Your Workspace and basic-info-update

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