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- get rid of empty_string_p

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- cleanup and minor performance improvements

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- abstract in check for existance of a command whether this is scripted or not

- use a more modern tcl command set

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Normalizing string comparison operations into tcl 8.4 operations, enabling byte-code compilation for expressions and many conditionals

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Merged oacs-5-2 -> oacs-5-3 branches.

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Backport 10g recognition patches from HEAD

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Fixed bug 2961 by applying Christian Brechbühler's patch

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change ad_verify_and_get_user_id to ad_conn user_id, change ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration to auth::require_login, make some db_ and dt_ function -public

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comment out db_qd_log calls as almost noone will use these anymore and some added appreciable overhead. warn when a proc does not yield a statement name with advice about why, fix the bootstrap version of acs_kernel_id to cache

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when parsing a xql file fails, it seems appropriate to log this in the error log

-Replaced nsxml with tDOM (http://tdom.org), a much faster & richer XML parser, and XSLT and XPath processor.

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merge of 4.6.3b1 to HEAD

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making the incompatible query message a warning rather than an error and making it more informative

making the query *NOT* compatible error message more informative by logging the db version of the query as well as the system db version

logging stack trace when a query file cannot be parsed

Upgrade to 4.6.2

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prevent functions from failing in the event that the url does not parse

when an xql query is not loaded because of too high version number in the xql file - issue an error message in the log file

Merge of all changes from oacs-4-6 to HEAD. All changes up to tag jcd-merge-2

on oacs-4-6 are included.

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if there is no full query for a db statement and the default query in the tcl file is empty, raise an error and inform the developer about this (crash early)

merge from oacs-4-6

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When query dispatcher lookup fails and the default SQL is empty, bomb.

tone down QD messages bug 1772/patch 473 Bart Teeuwisse

fix calls with literals instead of variables

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added ad_proc docs to procs and an ad_proc stub for if ad_proc absent

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reduced debug output by setting db_qd_log level to QDDebug in most log stmts

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1. Changed a lot of package info files to fix problems ...

2. Added Vinod's bboard patch

3. Rationalized party e-mail checking by putting a "before insert or update"

trigger on the table that lower-cases email (this was already done by the

party.new() func but at least one update missed this). Got rid of all

"lower(email) = " and "upper(email) = " checks and just made all use the

db email column directly and lower-cased Tcl vars. In this way the index

on the email column is always and consistently used without needing to

define functional indexes on the column (an EE feature for Oracle).

4. Rationalized naming of a couple of workflows and fixed a glossary PG bug

where apparently its workflow got overwritten by one from the CMS at some

point in time.

5. Made the .cmp/.dat/.frm filters in the template code usable though not

very beautiful nor exactly correct. But with practice you can use them

to debug pages in the packages/* hierarchy. I also turned these off by

default as there's no need to run these filters on a production site!

6. Performed minor surgery on templating, including adding a new

"ad_return_exception_template" that allows you to return a templated

error page and aborts the script.

7. ??? probably but I think this covers most stuff.

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fixed version checking error

1. changed db_qd_log to use the passed-in level rather than gluing things

to "Debug" for convenience. I then changed all the "Notice" calls to

"Debug". Then my one "Error" call I added worked! :) If a query file

has a syntax error in it now, an error is logged to the server log but

bootstrapping continues.

2. Lots and lots or etp oracle fixes and some PG version clean-ups

3. Some file-storage files were unconventionally named.

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slight change to db_qd_get_fullname that compensates for procs that are called with the global namespace qualifier - ::foo versus foo.