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don't write sensitive information into log files

Do not depend on XoTcl in the core

Use provided email only when a party exists, in all other cases keep the previous behavior (fixes automated tests)

improve code documentation and honor existing settings

deactivate style rule

Keep old behavior when we drill down to package

Extend UI allowing to select packages for which we want tests to be run

Extend aa_runseries proc to allow multiple package keys to be specified (goal is being able to select just the packages we want for testing)

bump version number to 5.10.0d13 to let other packages depend on new features

simplify the web testing interface for forms

Make requiring of a test package instance more generic: the plan is to use it in other contexts

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- add locale to ::acs::test::user::create (defaults to en_US)

- prefer "last_request" over "user_id"

automatically re-source the testfile when re-running a single test

user_id is supposed to come from auth::create_user

rework acs::test::http interface to allow daisy chaining of requests. One can now specify "-last_reqest" to let a new http to continue with the same credentials (e.g. cookies) as the last request. The old interface based on "-user_id" continues to work

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improve user interface

don't mirror old version of package from tcllib, don't keep in the blueprint

acs::test::form_reply: add option "-remove" in analogy to "-update" to remove entries from the provided dict. This is necessary for web regression testing for

check boxes, where the application has to decuce from the fact, that a field is not transmitted, that a value has to be changed.

Confirm email to handle cases where this is required

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Move email confirmation test in a proc, as some tests need to reuse this when we are configured to require verification

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Log at each redirect

Follow redirects in this test to accomodate e.g. the vanilla dotlrn installation scenario

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Add new parameter 'depth' deciding whether we want to follow redirects when testing a URL (default is we don't follow redirects as before)

improve spelling

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improve spelling

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fix name of tested proc

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improve spelling

Provide a simply authority named "acs_testing" for creating test users during runs of the regression test.

Use this authority in ::acs::test::user::create to avoid problems with the default authority of the site.

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Fix layout when no data for test is available

- add new api function "aa_section" to allow structuring of larger test cases

- generalize login during tests further. When "user_info" is provided

it can be used to either login via login credentials or directly

via user_id (next step: integrate config-option for test users, this

will allow pure web tests to run against a different server)

- extend regression test to cover new features

- bump version numbers to 5.10.0d7

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