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fix lookup of links for external commands: avoid lookup of page-realtive links (starting with "#")

replace hardcoded /tmp by API function [ad_tmpdir]

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update predefined Tcl commands for pretty-printing Tcl code

include themed versions of files in the "variants" display (just for the current theme)

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change references from "http://*tcl.tk/" to "https://*tcl-lang.org/"

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improve spelling

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Replace ad_decode idiom

cache generated svg code on disk

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improve log messages

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Fix typo

whitespace changes

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improve robustness of API browser when trying to browse non-existing objects

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remove comma before that

whitespace changes

improve behavior, in case dot leads to an error.

don't confuse nodes, when test cases have the exact same names as functions

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tclcode_to_html: Don't render "?" as a command

make api_get_body more robust: when name contains wild-card characters, escape name for such commands accordingly

strip out empty query parameter

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turn procs into private ad_procs with doc-strings

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Fix typos

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whitespace cleanup

improve robustness in case of failures in dot program

support rendering of objects/classes in callgraph

improve the graph layout by omitting recursive calls

whitespace changes

include content_pages and include_pages in call graph analysis

include protection hints for callers in callgraph display

include acs-bootstrap-installer/bootstrap.tcl in init files for callgraph analysis

improve callgraph display: handle false positives

include calls from *-init.tcl files in call graph analysis

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    • +125
Add call graph information based on static analysis to API doc. This information

is computed on a best-effor bases and not necessarily complete, since static analysis

of a dyamic language is limited; furthermore, direct calls from web pages are not included

for activation, see tcl/api-doc-init.tcl

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