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Add an exception for the operators implemented as procs in the context of the functional programming logic, on 'acs-tcl/tcl/ad-functional-procs.tcl', to the 'naming__proc_naming' test case. While some of them have names that are not compliant with OpenACS naming conventions, like '-' or '/', replacing them with other symbols is non-trivial and could make things more confusing

Add an exception for the 'dom' proc, defined in tDom, to the 'naming__proc_naming' test case

Whitespace changes

Rename the private proc 'bootstrap_fatal_error' to 'acs_bootstrap_fatal_error', to comply with OpenACS naming standards

Include more mentioned api

List directly mentioned api as tested

Remove extra colon

Remove leading colons in XOTcl methods while adding them to the documentation nsvs, to keep coherence among the different ways of adding proc doc in the system and avoid duplication

Replace deprecated idioms

Fix typo

Make ::xowiki::Page pretty_link explicitly private, as should be called only after package initialization

::xowiki::Package pretty_link is the public api to generate links

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Fix typo

Refer doc to where most of the magic happens

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Fix typo, doc changes

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make lang::conn::language able to run running disconnected; improve documentation

simplify handling of setting language for ckeditor

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bump version number to 5.10.0d8

make lang::conn::locale more robust when running disconnected

undo change which invites to call pretty_link on uninitialized packages

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address issue #3435 (many thanks to Michael Aram)

Remove private proc 'number_p', used only in 'ad_proc_valid_switch_p', and simplify logic of the latter

revert incorrect change from some downstream code

Add an exception for procs defined inside ns/aolserver modules, such as h264*, on the 'naming__proc_naming' test case

Change message key notation (many thanks to Monika Andergassen)

ensure nonce is substituted in subst

Improve doc

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Make sure package is initialized, as we do downstream

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Make sure page template is instantiated as we do downstream

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Improve documentation

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check for connection and provide fallback for ckeditor language