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modernize code: use resolver variables rather than method calls

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    • +56
extend test cases

add safety belt and hint for pretty_link invocations with unknown target pages

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    • +12
remove xotcl-1 idioms

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fix potential confusion for test cases: make sure, the provided name and nls_language are aligned

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add checking for javascript and data protocols (fixes issue #3413)

fix broken test cases

make debugging line more meaningful

Adapt proc doc to implementation, as we are dealing with files in general, instead of only images.

Comment log statement: found_id might not be an object by the time this code is executed

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whitespace changes

add test for ambiguous page link with language prefix

add page p0 to regression test, provide more logging

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reduce verbosity

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As stated in xowiki::Package.item_ref, a trailing slash indicates a folder in case of ambiguity

Use a safer varname for xowf tests as well

As apparently test init cases can pollute each other's namespace, use a different variable name

Add page contract

Add ad_include_contract

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Replace string equal idiom

fix argument order in link renderer

use consistently the instance variable of the package_id

Do not depend on XoTcl in the core

Make test independent from vars defined elsewhere

Whitespace changes

Use 'lc_content_size_pretty' for content size

Whitespace changes

Use 'lc_content_size_pretty' for content size

Trailing whitespace cleanup

Prefer '==' over 'eq' on numeric comparison