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Support gzip versions < 1.6

add fingerprinting to results

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add method to select answer attributes in a predictable order

fine-tune styling of test items

move also hstore examples to xowiki

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relocate update_hstore from xowf to xowiki::hstore, where the other hstore helpers exist

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improve logging message to ease debugging in case of errors

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backport security patch from oacs-5-10

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some more fine-tuning of blockquotes in forums entries

fix typo

improve appearance of blockquotes in forums

add IPv6 loopback address as well as "always accepted" for web testing

Do not use web api to create the folder in this non-web test

increase symmetry: create always property "form" in all interaction types, when it does not exist

make method "is_disabled" more robust (accepting truth values in different formats)

- form-generator.css: based on former myform.css, substantially revamped

(to be used together with form field classes in test-item-procs)

- test-item classes:

* feedback_level extended to "full", "single", or "none"

middle is new for a single feedback per item

* shuffling support with 3 modes ("none", "peruser", "always").

can be used for shuffling MC questions and text_entry questions (short-text),

and in future for all "enumeration" based question types.

* new question type "mc2", shuffling multiple choice question,

fully stylable via CSS (old question type "mc" can still be used for the

time being)

* ease styling for all test-item types by added explicit wrappers

* factor out "renaming_form_loader" from online-exam*.wf (including

support methods)

- online-exam*.wf:

* fix broken behavior with shared workflow definitions when closing/opening

exams and student tried interactions. Previous code did dynamic changes in

the shared definition (probably more to come).

* used factored out renaming_form_loader

* cleanup of old code

- removed low-level rewriting of <textarea>, <input> fields, etc.

- removed dead code

- removed hard-coded stylings

- bumb version number to 5.10.0d10

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correct links to multiple form pages (when provided)

- Address issue #3374: improve "make_link", when a page is

passed in as an object, and NO "link" is provided.

Previously, the current url was used as a base_link, now "pretty_link"

of the object is used. This is particularly necessary, when folders

are used.

NOTICE: this is a potential incompatibility (found however no case in xowiki/xowf)

where the old behavior was expected.

- the argument "method" is now optional (useful, when no method should be invoked)

- improved documentation

- updates of message keys

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whitespace changes

make clear, when passing objects or ids

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- New option for all form_fields: "disabled_as_div" to render disabled input fields as div.

This has the advantage that con can provide with little effort highlighting in such fields.

- New conveniance method "is_disabled" to avoid repetitious cose

- Additional correct_when predicate: "contains".

Correct, when answer contains any of the provided words.

includelet form-usages: provide all used forms as links, when multiple forms are used as source

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

reduce verbosity

new parameter -return_irl for form-usages to control page to return to after e.g. editing the page.

improve handling of disabled compound form fields

improve debugging messages

allow always in logindata as valid peer

improve naming

reduce verbosity

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fullow usual line breaking conventions