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initial revision

i18n'ed recover-password, added text for later i18n.

added authority key

Added proper permission checks to cal-item-new and debugged permissioning.

added common strings

added new key for password recovery button

refactoring user registration to use new ext-auth API

Fixed Bug #362 (inexistent date gives error in PG)

changing avail entry for dirkg, he wasn't able to commit previously, not sure why

Removed 'Huh?' log message when calling ad_returnredirect

- Fixed the URLs to automated testing and other site-wide services

- Made the site-wide services an include template, so it can be included on the acs-subsite/www/admin/index page.

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refactoring registration pages to use ext-auth API

giving Dirk (dirkg) commit rights on all packages so that he can do more noquote work before the release

forgotten_pwd_url was set to forgotten-password by default, changed it to recover-password

added pages that take care of password recovery

refactoring password recovery

Bug 292, fixing spelling mistake

making sure the portrait shows up on the community member page. Fixing noquote issue on dotlrn user admin page

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- drop all_photo_images view in drop script

Fixed upgrade for PG 7.2. Unfortunately, COPY has different syntax between 7.2 and 7.3

- Moved acs_user::get_by_username query into .xql file

- Changed namespace declaration from namespace eval block to namespace in proc name

Moved ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration over to auth::require_login

noquote on the dimensional_slider html fragment

making labels of radio and checkbox options noquoted. For example in dotlrn/admin/users/users-search we have user links in checkbox option labels

Changed auth_create_user test case to test the API design

Make aa_log_result postpone logging in order to prevent the log messages from being rolled back.

- Added username and authority_id to acs_user::get

- Improved documentation on acs_user::get

- Added acs_user::get_element

Support display_buttons on ad_form. Not sure we should do this since display_buttonss is deprecated, but I've already written the code, so ...

Use username instead of email for the auth_authenticate test case

invoking array unset before array set in testcases where appropriate as array set command doesn't re-initialize an array