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Fix namespace (in comment)

fix spelling errors

category::get: new API call in symmetry to category::set to obtain as name and description for the specified locale.

iBump version number to 1.1.4

add widget only when the cookie is not jet set

make markup more robust when the output is sent though tdom (previously, some white-space was swallowed)

add text/markdown to known content types (like text/enhanced), bump version number to 5.10.0d4

add text/markdown to allowed text formats

- Fix comments

- remove unneeded backslashes and quotes

- Improve line breaking

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- fix inconsistency between updated versions and new intallations: check always the message format

- add text/markdown to accepted formats

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add text/markdown to the accepted text formats of the richtext widget and ad_html_text_convert

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Remove obsolete .xql files

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  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
remove not referenced .xql queries

remove not referenced xql queries

delete unreferenced .xql queries

remove not referened xql queries and files

move queries to deprecated-procs.xql

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delete unneeded .xql files

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fix typos

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fix more spellings

fix typo

fix more typos

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Fix more typos

fix typos

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fix typo

add ad_script_aborts

use "ad_try" instead of "catch"

harmonize code

fix typo

protect "orderby" query parameter against invalid input

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add valuechecker "token" for object- and method-parameters (and as well in the parameter definition of an ::xowiki::Package initialize)

No need to keep empty file

move deprecated procs into deprecated-procs

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move deprecated procs into deprecated-procs