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Use username instead of email for the auth_authenticate test case

invoking array unset before array set in testcases where appropriate as array set command doesn't re-initialize an array

adding xql files for driver procs that I forgot to add earlier

Removed old debugging log statements

Noquote fixes for bookmarks package.

Added openacs-4/etc to acs-core module

offering some instructions if someone tries to log in a project without variables. Not an ideal solution but better than a Tcl stacktrace

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adding the logger module

Fixed 2 bugs:

- Permission checking didn't take user_id argument into account, always checked [ad_conn user_id]

- set_assignee_values had hard-coded 'bug' form name

Added code to ensure that subject does not contain line breaks

Fixed two bugs in ad_html_to_text:

- Tags that start with whitespace were still considered tags, and thus < p> would get treated equivalently to <p>.

- The regexp to find malformed tags wasn't bound to start and end of the inside of the tag, thus tags that had just a subset of welformedness would get interpreted.

- tried to drop a view that didn't exist. Thanks Jade!

A very dirty fix for bug #27, unported query (should actually go into an xql file). Also fixes #28

Adding search capabilities to forums. These two files are copied over from openacs.org-dev, with a fix so they don't break because of missing locale in non-connected threads.

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Clarified documentation on actions and display_buttons switch to form::create. display_buttons is deprecated

adding the workflow deputy feature (when someone goes on vacation he can assign his tasks temporarily to someone else). Improving caching in the Tcl API and adding a cache API test

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Fix return_urls, added ALT tags to image, roll common error messages into the

main portrait ADP page, enhanced the context bar to include a link to the

user's homepage when changing password etc.

making sure auth::authenticate proc sets appropriate auth_message and account_message values. Also, the account_message is the concatenation of the local and remote values

Fixed missing HTML quoting of display value for richtexts bug

Marked dt_format deprecated

Moved the rowid query for email verification into XQL files

Noquote fix, closes Bug#570. Also added double quotes around links

generated by @controls@.

Noquote fix.

Noquote fix.

Oops. Previous fix of args parsing in ad_context_bar was slightly broken...

Added ALT tags to the portrait.

Gave user_id an empty default value in www/shared/community-member.tcl.

This page now gives registered users their own homepage if not supplying this parameter, as the code intended.

Fixed the http:// hack for when the user has not supplied a homepage link.

Added missing initialization of subsite_url to www/pvt/home.tcl.

Added missing return_url.

Ensure link to homepage, if provided by the user, is preceeded by http://

Otherwise the browser thinks the link is relative to the current location.