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fix typo

Use info commands instead of info procs

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improve wording

adapt to altered host name

improve wording

use more consistent spelling of names

use more consistent naming

improve spelling

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Prefer individual 'set' operations over 'lassign' in these particular cases

Replace obsolete proc 'exists_and_not_null'

Brace expressions

Farewell to "Lars Hack"

fixing internal redirect to error pages from application packages

Use info commands instead of info procs in order to retrieve widgets

Deprecate get_root_dir proc, duplicated to every extent by acs_root_dir

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Remove legacy file

Modernize tcl

Add extension to UI images

when website is behind a proxy, proxy server migtht not be smart enough to resolve images without extension

Follow the "ugly" smell

rework of general-comments rendering so that the templating system is used, instead of handcrafted markup. Also, allow theming in the future.

Check if file exists or no file descriptor will be created

Fix typos + Whitespace changes

Fix typos

Fix capitalization

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add themeing support for templated footers

add sample regression test cases

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whitespace changes

add interface for processing html files via xpath interface

white space changes

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allow access via automated testing also via standard login interface

Small improvement of css-edit triggered by "ugly" code smell