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put the correct function into upgrade script

Replace 'linsert' with 'lappend'

Fix linsert command argument expansion + Whitespace

Replace 'exists_and_not_null'

Replace deprecated proc 'ad_parameter' with 'parameter::get'

Replace deprecated proc 'empty_string_p'

image width information in table images seems flaky. since portrait-bits provides efficient

scaling, why not use it?

increase number of accepted sizes

improve CSP in accordance with Google's csp-evaluator.withgoogle.com

imporve spelling

fix typo

Replace obsolete function bitfromint4() by cast

make spelling more uniform

reduce verbosity

improve list operations

make spelling more consistent

regenerated documentation

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improve list operations

improve grammar

Improve grammer and make spelling more consistent

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regenerated documentation

improve list handling

improve grammar

remove extra "list"

modernize Tcl, improve protection against XSS

simplify weird construction

Removed extra '$'

Prefer 'lappend' to 'set ... concat' for appending elements to lists + Whitespace changes

Add Spanish translation for new message key

Replace obsolete funktion bittoint4() by cast