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Fix typo (non-commented testing line)

Introduce catches from downstream when cleaning up chat variables

Looks like these variables can have been removed before logging out.

Replace /acs-admin/users/one links with acs_community_member_admin_url

Comment richtext related debug logging

Remove erroneous leading underscore (leftover from earlier convention)

Fix broken links

use directly revision of workflow in id of wf_container when object is a workflow

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fix hard to find typo

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fix typo

fix typo

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fix: use variable resolver

fallback to determine the workflow context from the workflow page, needed for call_action

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Perform less aggressive cache flushing

Furthermore, allow ns_cache_flush in xo::clusterwide

Fix broken link

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Modernize SQL (use $$ quoting and named function arguments)

Fix typo in variable name "new_nls_language" (must be "new__nls_language")

file upgrade-5.9.2d1-5.9.2d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-9.

Fix typo in variable name "new_nls_language" (must be "new__nls_language")

XOTcl 2.0 improvements

- reduce usage of "instvar"

- make use of variable resolver instead

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fix variable name

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make all files in xowiki usable for ::xo::library require ...

Bugfix ad_user_login

-expire flag for ad_set_signed_cookie (and therefore ad_set_cookie) was not specified by ad_user_login and set false per-default. This prevented parameters to set cookie expiration to have an effect, even when -max_age was correctly specified.

Now we set the -expire flag according to the -forever flag.


Decode form variables when a payload is transformed from form-urlencoded to multipart. Fix documentation for -formvars parameter

Fixed typo


Avoid double encoding when content is in the same encoding as that of tcl interpreter

Fix nonsense fconfigure -translation $encoding

Try to make code clearer

Change default editor to ckeditor4

Add warning, when undocumented shortcut is used

Remove wrong first argument

set the displayed_object_id to the forum_id for edit operations

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Use package_id as "displayed_object_id" for "item-create" and "revision-add"

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