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Port of downstream commit 9cbc3f04aad075e902e64d0c67d53158160a933c from Felix Möedritscher:

feature / issue #10359: added message keys, extended the xolp API - get_competencies, get_activities_of_package, update_title

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Fix untranslated count and view on acs-lang 'message-list' + some refactoring

remove .SELF. prefix also in link_info dict

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fix typo in anonymous array

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Insert missing performance indicators for the user

Fix typo

As xolp_indicator_facts_check1 wants end_timestamp <= storage_timestamp, force end_timestamp some time in the past (api won't allow to specify storage_timestamp)

As the original test expects it, make sure begin timestamp and end timestamp are the same

Fix indicator_create test case:

- handle timezone correctly

- don't rely on database language

Add documentation or make procs private to please documentation__check_proc_doc test

State dependency from acs-datetime, as we use dt_* api

Init the right table

improve spelling

whitespace changes

close square bracket

simplify expression

obtain default authority_id via "auth::authority::get"

get proper default authority

reflow overlong lines

bump version number such that other packages might rely on it

auth::authority::get, auth::authority::get_element: allow to omit authority_id

Now, these functions can be used to get data from the default authority. In furture

versions, this function should deliver the right default authority for the

a register subsite. Also, get_authority_options should return the available options

for a register subsite.

Currently, the logic is different in various scripts...

return the directory listing in templated form (when someone manages to activate the fancy directory listings)

fix for issue #3390 (typo in cmd name)

Data model upgrade for those instances that might have missed the renaming of the person object type

file upgrade-5.10.0d16-5.10.0d17.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Port from downstream: reimplement subsite::get_theme_subsites to be scalable on websites with many site nodes

Prefer connchan message relay implementation (we check whether it is available anyway)

Throw application-specific disconnection errors instead than plain errors, so they can be handled as less severe

Initialize d variable

Fix call parameters